Your Selling Guide

The Casey O'Connor Group will provide all the pertinent information regarding the sale of your home from recent sales to various marketing strategies. One of the most important aspects of selling your home is garnering the most money for your property- a result we have achieved time and time again. 

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In addition, you will receive a complimentary market analysis of your home, up-to-date neighborhood comparable properties, off-market sales, and information about competing properties. 

If you are looking for true Real Estate Professionals that use cutting edge marketing techniques, advertise your home in the proper channels, knowingly grasps the legality of Real Estate, and understands continuous exposure of your home in the key to getting it sold, please leave your information below, and you will be CONTACTED by Casey personally. 


Our 3 Step Approach: 

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Seller & Property Analysis:

What are your goals when selling your home? What do you hope to achieve? By comparing recently sold homes, available homes, the condition of your home, the location of your home, and other baseline factors, we will discover the "market value" of your home. 

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Customized Marketing :

What sets your home apart from other homes in the area? What are the best assets of your home? What is the value proposition of your home? By answering these questions, we will decide in collaboration the best avenue for advertising and marketing your property. You choose to live there- why? We must showcase these reasons. 

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Premium Price Achievement :

Using these proven techniques, The Casey O'Connor group will sell your home in a timely fashion for a premium price. 



Please leave your information below if you are interested in a complimentary analysis of your home: 

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