The ‘China Gateway’ was created by The Casey O’Connor Group as a way to connect U.S. sellers with Chinese investors and buyers. According to a recent report by The National Association of Realtors, Chinese buyers have been the top foreign buyers of U.S. residential property for three straight years, hitting a record high. As a group, they surpass top buyers from Canada, the U.K., Mexico, and India.

“Chinese buyers have been very strong in the single-family market in Southern California, as they plan for their children to attend area universities. Irvine, especially, saw huge demand from Chinese buyers, particularly in newly built communities, with larger, multigenerational homes that they favor” (according to CNBC).

Reasons why Chinese buyers are interested in Orange County:

  • Best schools, and universities

  • Better investments, and opportunity

  • Safety

  • Better air quality

  • Lifestyle- less traffic, ease of lifestyle

  • Economic status

In December, 2018, The Casey O’Connor Group attended The Luxury Property Showcase (LPS) in Shanghai, China which was held at the iconic Shanghai Exhibition Center, right in the heart of downtown Shanghai. This was a unique opportunity for our sellers as their homes were showcased to over 12,000 international buyers. As one of California’s most appealing destination, our Orange County properties were a great success! We are looking forward to visiting Beijing in June, and back to Shanghai next December. The Casey O’Connor Group, along with Arbor Real Estate will be the ONLY representatives from Orange County.

At this event, we created relationships with local real estate brokers, website owners, immigration companies, money management firms, translators, etc. By developing connections with the local real estate community in Shanghai, we now have over 200 contacts to help market and sell your property. This is an unparalleled advantage- we can represent your investment and high-end listing to an international audience – something very few brokerages can successfully do!


Information regarding LPS buyers:

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Where They Are From 

*China is home to 1,100,000 USD millionaires. 

*46.6% have already invested overseas.

*Over 12,000 pre-qualified buyers. 

*Excellent opportunity to advertise your property to international buyers.

*Buyers looking primarily in the United States. 

*Invitation only. Most exclusive property showcase in Asia. 


Who They Are 

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What Countries They Are Looking To Invest In


Type Of Property They Are Looking For 

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